January 25, 2011

Dior Couture Spring 2011

There were some to-die-for looks in Christian Dior's spring couture show.  I noted my favorites in the photos below, but I am obsessed with the yellow dress towards the end with the black sequin details and the cowl neck dress with the gorgeous tulle bottom.

Couture tends to be a time when designers experiment, but something I noticed a lot from the shows so far is that designers played with shapes and while looking at some of these looks I asked myself who could possibly pull off some of these clothes that are feathers and lace piled on tulle.

However, that being said, Dior's collection was stunning, and I hope somebody starts rocking those circle fan-like skirts.  Also, following this post, I'm going to put up some of my favorite close-up shots of the models.  So stay tuned!

This was definitely one of my favorite pieces in the collection, it's so elegant and refined but definitely makes a statement, plus the bottom is absolutely gorgeous.

Somebody please where this to the Oscars!!

(photos from vogue.com)

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