March 3, 2011

Late February/Early March Favorites

Here's five things I'm obsessed with right now.  I am trying to figure out a way to do this like the girls on Youtube do with their "favorite" videos.  However, since I missed the end of February, and it's so early in March, this is going to be an in between favorites post.

Also, to all the people who have Spring Break next week, enjoy!

1.  OPI Texas Collection, I am planning on getting the light gray color called "It's Totally Fort Worth It" and the tan color "San-Tan Torino," but unfortunately they were sold out when I went to Ulta, so I got the two below.  They're so pretty, I highly recommend them.  The green is called "Don't Mess with OPI" and the brown is called "Suzi Loves Cowboys."

(photos from

2. MAC Wonder Woman Collection: I recently bought the lip gloss called "Secret Identity" (the redder one below) and I LOVE it.  I definitely want Emancipation (pink) next.  Here's a post I did on the collection before it came out, and check out a review of the makeup on Youtube here.

(photos from

3.  Bass and Rachel Antonff Shoes from Free People.  I don't have them yet but I am saving up the money to get them.  They are adorable and perfect for spring.

(photo from

4.  Alice in Wonderland Wall Art from Urban Outfitters.  Two summers ago, I went through a phase where I copied the illustrations out of children's books onto canvases.  If that's something that interests you, but you're not the best artist, then these seem like the perfect alternative.

(photos from

5. Last but certainly not least, don't judge me, but Nerds candy.  I've been eating them since Valentines Day.  I forgot how much I love these little clumps of sugar.


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