April 30, 2011

Get the look: Coachella Fashion

Today I ventured into the new Forever 21 in Gainesville and almost went into shock at how much bigger it'd become.  I went from room to room and grabbed way too many things, but I was inspired by the themed rooms to post my follow-up on Coachella.  Here's some photos of my favorite festival looks from Harpers Bazaar and cheap trendy ways to rock the looks from Forever 21.  Enjoy!

**Oh and as a side note, I see ANTM's Nicole is the new model for Forever 21, not sure when this happened but I guess that's what reality TV will get you.

 1.  Stripes

Get the look at Forever 21:

 2.  Floral Prints

Get the look:

3.  White

Get the look:

4.  Prints

Get the look:

5.  Lace/sheer

Get the look:

(photos from forever21.com, harpersbazaar.com)

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  1. Loving all this festival inspiration - especially the stripes and prints!