April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton wore McQueen!

Last night as time was ticking down toward the nuptials, my roommate and I of course, put in our two cents as to what Kate Middleton would wear.  We both hoped for an Alexander McQueen gown similar to the ones below, but we knew Kate wouldn't give that to us.  So we went through her lookbook on the Internet, and I said I hoped she wore something strapless and pretty, but my roommate pointed out she was a fan of longer sleeves.  So we put together a dress that had sleeves but made of lace and was simple, and somehow as if Sarah Burton conjured are wish, this is what Kate stepped out in this morning.  It was a dress fit for a fairy tale.  Congratulations William and Kate!

I love that Burton is capable of designing the now iconic dress above and the gorgeous over-the-top dresses below.

(photos from vogue.com)

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