July 6, 2011

Fall 2011 Couture: Armani Prive

Armani definitely channeled Japanese gardens in the fall 2011 couture collection.  While it's not the futuristic modern dresses that he showed last couture season, it's a polished and sophisticated collection that shows that glamour can be found in clothes besides evening wear.

However, that being said, just as a general statement (and one I might address later on after all the shows are finished) where are the ball gowns, where are the Oscar gowns?  Where are the gorgeous feminine dresses that I think of when I think couture?  Yes, Armani showed a beautiful collection that is gasp, wearable couture, but is couture really supposed to be that wearable?  No.

That being said, don't let my negativity on couture week this season as a whole discourage you from viewing this beautiful collection of silk Japanese prints and gorgeous dark velvet and palette dresses.  The models look stunning with pretty nude makeup and their origami-like hats.

(photos from vogue.com)

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