September 16, 2011

NYFW: Suno, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Narciso Rodriguez

So, first and foremost, my favorite collection of the four below is definitely Suno.  I love the prints and the shapes of the clothes, and let's just say I have already given my heart away to that polka dot dress.  It is absolutely gorgeous, and if someone doesn't wear that on the red carpet I will probably cry.  OK, not really, but please, someone wear it!

I might be one of the few who think this, but I thought the spring Marc Jacobs collection had more high points in it than the fall, although I think some of those dresses channel Prada's fall looks, which makes me detract a few awesome points from the outfits.  I like the plaid dresses, and the weird textures/fabrics going on in his collection that make me want to see them in person.  AND the shoes!  The shoes are amazing, I'll post on them later when I drool collectively over all the shoes at NYFW (not literally of course).

Donna Karan seemed to be channeling Africa, but I feel like her collection would work better in the fall than as a spring collection because of its orange, brown and black color palette.  I am also not sure if the necklaces the models are wearing are totally awesome or just weird and rooster-like (maybe they can be both).  My favorite pieces are the two patterned dresses that cross by the neck and form a V.  They are totally stunning and seem really flattering.

Narciso Rodriguez's collection is pretty with layered pieces that create a color blocking feel, but it's the white dresses at the end that had me going "aww pretty."  Personally, I think they are the show stealers, as I wasn't that crazy about his collection, although I do applaud is minimalistic approach to looking chic.

What are your thoughts?


Marc Jacobs

Donna Karan

Narciso Rodriguez

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