October 19, 2011

LFW: Unique for Topshop, Acne and Roskanda Ilincic

OK, I am finally going to commit to discussing some of the spring collections that I loved this season.  Starting with Unique for Topshop, which I picture is something Cleopatra would have been into if she was 17 and trendy.  While a lot of the collection was not necessarily my style, I appreciate the interesting reference, and I like key pieces like the Elizabeth Taylor sweatshirt and the Egyptian cat dress.  Topshop also stayed true to this season's theme of pastels, and the shades of pink on the dresses is a really pretty look.

Acne and Roskanda Ilincic also showed some pretty strong collections, and although they are incredibly different, there are still some striking similarities.  Both made use of the full skirt trend and incorporated florals into their clothing, but they did it in very different ways. Acne, which tends to be the cool, edgy girl's wardrobe went a little harder with lines and fabrics while Roskanda created a wardrobe for a very feminine and sophisticated woman.  Acne digitized its floral prints for a more modern look and Roskanda went more traditional, but regardless of the differences, I think they both showed awesome collections.

Unique for Topshop


 Roskanda Ilincic

(images from vogue.com)

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