October 15, 2011

Update, returning from my hiatus and American Apparel Halloween costumes

Hey everyone, first I want to apologize for my total hiatus during fashion month.  I was incredibly disappointed but with the approach of the LSAT and midterms, I had to take a break from blogging, pry myself away from the likes of Vogue.com and style.com and focus on school work.  Second, I want to make a promise to you guys to post my favorite collections from London, Milan and Paris and get back on track with my everyday posts.  So, with the approach of Halloween, American Apparel posted its annual Halloween costumes created from its merchandise.  It was actually really funny because before I went the images went up, I decided I want to be Cher from "Clueless" for Halloween, and as luck might have it, AA channeled her for the "it girls" costumes, so I might take a little direction from that.

Anyways let me know what your favorite costumes are and what you are thinking of being for Halloween!

(images from americanapparel.com)

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