August 5, 2011

Photo Journal: Seattle, WA (part one)

First off I want to thank everyone for keeping my blog alive while I've been traveling.  I really appreciate all the views and encourage you to leave me more comments!  Also, with the new school year coming up, I'm looking to add something a little different to my blog to make it more original, feel free to leave me ideas!

Here's a look at some photos I took in Seattle, which by the way is an amazing town that I would be happy to live in some day if I thought I could ward of seasonal depression.  When I was there the weather was totally perfect, and the skies were cloudless every day.  The locals say it's the summers that make up for all the cloudy days they get throughout the year, and I have to tell you, if Seattle was as beautiful all year round as it was when I was there, it'd definitely move into my top 10 list of places I'd like to live some day, a list I might be adding San Francisco too as well.

(all photos taken by myself)

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