February 26, 2012

Red Carpet Style: 24 dresses I'd like to see at the Oscars

Today is the big day everybody!  I'm super excited to see what the celebrities are going to wear on the red carpet, and I know fashion month is still going on, but I threw in some looks from Fall 2012, Pre-Fall 2012 and the spring couture shows.  Some of my picks are serious wishful thinking, but here's hoping some of them show up.  Women like Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, Chloe Moretz, Rooney Mara and Michelle Williams will be there, so I have a feeling we will be seeing a star-studded and fashion-forward red carpet.

Let me know if you agree/disagree on my picks!

(Images from vogue.com and style.com)


  1. Chloe Moretz is in Italy for a family getaway so she won't be at the Oscars.

    1. Thanks for the info! Wish she had been, would have enjoyed whatever outfit she rocked.