September 12, 2011

NYFW: Altuzarra, Peter Som and Thakoon

Altuzarra, Peter Som and Thakoon all showed amazing collections at New York Fashion Week recently that featured some stand out prints.  While Peter Som's was probably my favorite of the three (not to mention definitely my top five so far at NYFW), I'll start with why I like Altuzarra.

First, the jungle print reminds me of a wallpaper I wanted in my room when I was little and my parents, thankfully in retrospect, refused.  Because of that I have always had a soft spot in my heart for tropical scenes, but what I think works for Altuzarra is that he combines the bold print with white, minimalistic dresses so it's not overpowering.  I love the simplicity of his line and the mixture of the fun, summery prints.  Not to mention the eyebrows on the girls are kind of cool.

Peter Som's collection is pretty.  That's right pretty.  It's just good, clean pretty.  I love it, and as I am a sucker for floral print, I think it's amazing and wish I could own just about all of it.  OK sorry, but it's true.  The bold colors and the blue floral skirt and dress (I DIE) are gorgeous.  I am totally obsessed with the dress Lindsey Wixson modeled AND the zebra-print bathing suit is too good for words.

Thakoon's collection is probably my least favorite of the three.  Although, I think it has its moments, like the incredibly decadent gold look down below, the collection to me felt a little like Marie Antoinette meets the wild west.  I love some of the prints though and think that worn separately and not with colored hair and hats they would be more statement pieces than just overstimulating.  That being said, I am totally into the colored hair.

What are your thoughts?

Peter Som


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