September 13, 2011

Scored some Missoni for Target!

Today the Missoni for Target line came out, and I ran to Target during my break to get first dibs on some of the items at 10 a.m. this morning.  Now, I live in a pretty small town in Florida and I was surprised this morning when I went into the store and had to kind of battle some moms and some kids my age for the goods I wanted.  I did; however, manage to snag some items for myself.

While I would have liked to buy more,  I am super excited that I got the items I did considering the site was down all day, and I have been told my local Target has sold out of almost everything.  Overall, the collection is pretty great.  A lot of is not my style, but the dresses look better on than they do on the rack. The material feels nice and some of the dresses come with slips sewn in which is nice.  The home goods were pretty, and my only regret is that I held the throw blanket I wanted in my hands and decided I couldn't spent the extra $40 to get a blanket I don't really need.

Anyways, here's what I got!

Here's a look at the things I got from the lookbook so you can get a better view.  I got the blue dress, the black sweater and the black makeup bag.

Things I want that I didn't get to pick up today are these socks, the laptop bag and (not pictured) the gorgeous throw blanket.

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